• Soul Bowl

    feed your soul, have a bowl


    Soul Bowl is a lifestyle and a movement, born of a connection of an intuitive tribe of culturally diverse chefs, yogis, coaches, nutritionists and friends in the Urban-Arabian community of Qatar who shared their stories, experiences, comforts and pick-me-ups. and inspired this new neighborhood space of warmth, health and creativity.


    Soul Bowl is an invitation to return to the things that connect us all. To soul. To culture. To community. The one way that we have all connected and celebrated the things that truly matter, for thousands of years, has been through the food we share.


    Our mission is to make sure you feel deeply nourished, inside-out, with our mindful, nutritionally dense, delicious bowls and tonics that are made with pure love and intention using the best organic-based, wholesome ingredients through to our space, igniting your senses with the art on our walls and tables, the music we share, and the relationships you nurture over your bowl. Each aspect weaves a supporting role in a beautiful story.


    Soul Bowl is here to bring something new to the table to invite you to connect with your tribe and to your own inner world. We know there is magic in listening to the intuitive voice inside. The most important culture - is the one within.


    So, like the ebbs and flow and changing faces of the moon, we have bowls to suit your every mood and nutritional need with flavors and elements inspired bu cultures all around the world.


    Not only will you feel healthier, more vibrant and aligned from within, you will have explored and understood a part of our global community on a deeper, more fulfilling level.


    Join us and bring your story, your own unique flavor, to the table. This is your invitation to come feed your soul, and have a bowl.



    Let’s meet!

    2nd Floor, The Gate Mall , West Bay, Qatar
    7:00 AM - 10:00 PM